Wazoogles Supernatural Oats - Goji & Almond Muesli

Wazoogles Supernatural Oats - Goji & Almond Muesli

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Fresh as a bowl of spring, this baby pink delight will take you anywhere! Bursting with crunchy raw almonds, chewy red gojis, and little pops of sweetness from our jammy sultanas and hand-cut dates, this little pot of power has got all the wholefoods and none of the added sugar. Enjoy it cold, soaked overnight or fresh on-the-go and say hello to your new adventure side kick. 

Cold -
Instant: Pour in your favourite plant milk and you're ready to go!
For soaked oats cover with your favorite plant-based milk and leave to soak for at least 5 minutes or overnight.

TOPPINGS: Adding sliced banana or berries makes this the business.




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