Coconut Oil virgin cold-pressed whole kernel
Coconut Oil virgin cold-pressed whole kernel
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Coconut Oil virgin cold-pressed whole kernel

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Expeller-pressed from carefully dried coconuts, our food-grade organic certified virgin coconut oil is versatile and can be used for cooking and for body care, to moisturise the skin, to deep condition the hair, to remove make-up, to soothe sunburns and mosquito bites, to massage sore muscles, for oil-pulling and so much more.

Whole kernel oil is made from the coconut kernel with the inside brown skin left on, giving it a nutty aroma.

Fair Trade.

Product of Serendipol, Sri Lanka.

Serendipol: Regenerative Organic - Serendipol offers some of its finest coconut produce in the form of premium virgin coconut oil to a discerning global audience. Organic coconuts are sourced directly from certified organic farms, assuring organic authenticity. Serendipol promotes fair wages and good working conditions, environmental sustainability and acts as a community catalyst, undertaking worthy community development projects aimed at improving health, sanitation, education and rural infrastructure.

Fair Trade.

Product of Sri Lanka.



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