Kefir Eau Vertueuse Cucumber
Kefir Eau Vertueuse Cucumber
Kefir Eau Vertueuse Cucumber
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Kefir Eau Vertueuse Cucumber

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Organic Cucumber kefir: 

Naturally sparkling and refreshing, this kefir Eau Vertueuse gives you the sensation of a non-alcoholic gin & tonic. Ideal for summer, you can pair it easily with your aperitif of choice or in a cocktail.

Perfect for a refreshing and healthy moment, you can drink it without moderation! It provides good bacteria for a healthy gut and a strong immune system.


The ingredients are all organic :

Dynamized water, lemons, precious Kefir grains which make the fermentation, beet sugar (totally consumed during fermentation), figs and dates to nourish the drink and finally cucumber which gives its unique and refined aroma.

 Characteristics :

  • Healthy and refreshing
  • Naturally sparkling
  • Source of probiotics



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