Bamboo Toothbrush pets

Bamboo Toothbrush pets

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What is a pet? A family member. One’s child. A companion. A hot-breath, panting machine of stink. It’s not Spot’s fault. You never brush his teeth! There’s probably a multitude of reasons and I’m sure the word “gross” is at the top of that list, but it’s necessary for a longer, healthier life of your furry buddy! Did you know that dogs can’t lick between their teeth and lips? Dental problems cause other diseases which lead to high vet care costs or even death. A little "gross" seems a little worth it now! 

Our large and small breed pet toothbrushes are similar to our human bamboo brushes, but with some ergonomic and bristle changes, that make brushing your companion’s teeth easier. So, while you’re brushing your K-9’s canines and they bite and play, they’ll be safe and have fun! We’ve even put a small hump on the back of the handle so you can get a good brushing grip. All WooBamboo brushes boast a beautiful, ergonomic handle made from a single carved piece of naturally-grown Moso bamboo, and contain no toxins, glues, or paints. The handles for our brushes are naturally anti-microbial and coated in a natural soy bean wax, making them smooth and safe for oral use! It’s eco handle is biodegradable and the bristles are dental-grade nylon made from recyclable material. All ink used on our packaging is soy based and the packaging itself is made from recycled materials that are (re)recyclable.





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